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700, 650 & 600 Knot – UNITECH technology, which is 8% thinner than traditional twine, results in less knotter trouble in the field. Designed for large, high density straw and hay bales.

550, 500 & 450 Knot – The professional choice for conventional balers. Created with UNITECH technology in spools ranging from 4000’ to 5300’ for standard balers in any and all conditions in hay and straw fields.

190, 210 & 240 Knot – Twine for small square bales. Available in rolls of 7000’ long. It is the softest twine for Small Square Bales, making it ideal for trouble free hay or straw baling. With a bright & bold look.

110 Knot – Suitable for all round bales, with the supreme combination of strength and length. This great product is always reliable with top performance.