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Lifeline Classic Care


Protein – 14%
Fat – 6%
Fibre – 22%
Item #: OCH03675
20 kg

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LifeLine Classic Care Horse Pellets is formulated as a grain and molasses free diet with less than half the non-structural carbohydrates and sugar than traditional diets. This modest energy pellet will provide horses that are working lightly where control of behaviour is a concern or where sugar and starch are a concern due to metabolic problems or sensitive digestive systems.  Classic Care provides a low glycemic response and slow release energy compared to a grain ration. With additional amino acids, it will help to retain muscle mass needed for good muscle growth and overall health. Carb Care is ideal for the easy keeper.  This feed contains our blend of chelated minerals, live yeast culture, and prebiotics for improved digestion and gut health. Organic selenium yeast is provided to increase the digestibility of feeds and important bio-availability of natural minerals.